The difference between rhetorical analysis and critical analysis

Students sometimes are involved in various writing tasks. They need to figure out some issues, do assignments, and so on. Some of them are quite simple, others are pretty challenging. Moreover, there are some tasks that are similar and have the same goals, structure, etc. Speaking of analysis essays, there are different types of such assignments. You need to pay attention to certain peculiarities of each type to achieve success. So, what is the difference between rhetorical and critical analysis?
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Well, firstly we need to explain what a rhetorical essay is. A rhetorical essay is a type of essay that aims to study a certain subject to explain its goals, specific, techniques, and so on. It is intended to search the goals of the text or other types of work on behalf of the author. You need to investigate the way different parts of the work are related to each other and how they reflect an author’s opinion. In general, such a type of essay is focused on rhetoric as a form of appealing to the audience, so you need to study the rhetoric of the work and comprehend the purposes of the text, its tone, form of discourse, arguments, etc. Hence, you need to thoroughly look at the sentences, word order, terms, and methods of presenting the information.

In turn, a critical essay aims to study the entire work and critique the ideas, goals, and the text. First and foremost, an essay should be divided into parts and investigated separately. Each part is analyzed and studied. Then, you need to give an evaluation of the whole work and make a critical assessment of the work. The researcher has to find out the pros and cons of the work and give personal opinion and conclusion.

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What Are the 5 Elements of a Rhetorical Analysis?

If you want to write an excellent rhetorical analysis, you need to know that each essay has core elements that have to be taken into account to make it comprehensive and perfect. What Are the 5 Elements of a Rhetorical Analysis?

  • Audience. Firstly, you need to comprehend, to whom the writer appealed. The target readership is a core element of each rhetorical analysis as you need to know the factors that push the writer to produce that or another work and the audience that was involved in this work. That may be listeners, readers, and so on. However, what matters is the specificity of such an audience which lies in its age, gender, social group, and so on.
  • Purpose. Next, you need to investigate the subject and find out the purposes of the work. Here, you need to get the main idea of the text and analyze its goals. You need to ask «why did the author write this text?». There are several purposes from educational to entertaining, however, the correct and accurate one reflects the author’s intentions.
  • Medium. Then, you need to analyze the ways of presenting the information. Authors can use different methods to produce their work and bring their ideas to the audience. They may use text, pictures, visual and audio materials, etc.
  • Context. Well, you need to investigate certain circumstances that pushed the author to create that work. That means you need to comprehend some conditions the author was involved in. To put it briefly, here, the main point is to outline some contextual reasons to create the work, e.g. motivation, inspiration, assumptions, assessments, and so on.
  • Claims and support. Last but not least, you have to find out the ways the writer used to give strength to his/her statements. Each rhetoric consists of some arguments that can be reinforced by claims, supports, or warrants. Hence, you need to study the statements, arguments, and ways to back them up.

Steps to Create a Successful Rhetorical Analysis

A rhetorical analysis essay is not difficult to write, however, there are certain steps you need to follow to complete your essay properly. So, what are the steps to create a successful rhetorical analysis?

  • Firstly, you need to comprehend the subject and its meaning accurately. Here, you need to study the work thoroughly and get all the necessary and significant points of the text. Here, you need to notice some essential ideas of the work including arguments, claims and supports, main statements of the text, and so on.
  • Secondly, it is necessary to investigate the author’s position and his/her way to present the information. Such a step consists of in-depth research of the author’s motivation, inspiration, purposes, target readership, and even some contextual circumstances that push or influence the writer to create the work. These elements are significant to make comprehensive research.
  • Next, you have to investigate the author’s ways to appeal to the audience. Each work has a purpose. And to achieve such goals, the writer appeals to the audience to get their reaction. In general, there 3 main appeals: logos, ethos, and pathos. The writer may use some ethical, logical, or emotional appeals to achieve certain reactions and goals. Hence, it is extremely important to find out such appeals to comprehend the author’s position and expectations correctly.
  • Finally, you need to reflect your analysis in the form of an essay. To make a long story short, you need to write down your notes and overview of the work in a certain way. There is a special structure of the essay that demands a logical and coherent presentation of your analysis. It is also important to include all your notes in the paper but to make it complex as an essay.

As you see, we have mentioned all the essential steps to create a proper rhetorical essay. The task is pretty clear, even though, the proper essay demands time and effort. If you worry about the results and want to be sure of the excellent quality, we suggest you apply to qualified writing services and ask for help with a rhetorical analysis essay. It is the right solution to get guarantees of the best marks!

The correct way to write a rhetorical analysis essay

Well, to write a rhetorical analysis essay successfully, you need to know the peculiarities of the task and its purpose. A rhetorical essay aims to study not the idea of the work but the way the idea was presented in the work and the methods writer used to appeal to the audience. You need to analyze certain information and write a coherent essay afterward. So, what does an essay consist of?

  • Introduction. First and foremost, you need to write an intro to your analysis. It can be divided into two conditional parts. The first one has to give your audience general information about your research, such as the analyzed work, its title, author, main ideas of the work, and so on. You don’t need to retell the plot of the text, in turn, you should just describe the general idea of the subject in a nutshell. You can also mention the purposes of the work and its result. The second part consists of the thesis statement. It has to be given in a few sentences. A thesis statement gives the audience the objectives of the essay and the main message of your rhetorical essay. An introduction has to be short and concise. You shouldn’t overload this chapter with different data and unnecessary information.
  • Body of essay. Well, the body of an essay is a concise analysis of a certain subject. You need to unleash the thesis statements. In general, here, you should write your analysis and specify all the significant details of the rhetorical study. You need to provide the audience with points we’ve mentioned before, such as purposes of the work, mediums, context, etc. It is important to reveal such points as appeals as well and show the methods to appeal to the audience, such as pathos, logos, or ethos. Thus, this chapter is focused on the rhetoric of the studied work. This chapter has to be coherent and complex, hence, you need to give your audience an in-depth analysis of a certain strategy that the author used to «communicate» with readers. However, you need to take into account the fact that this chapter is part of an essay, so it has to be written in compliance with general requirements for the essay, such as clarity, accuracy, logical way of presenting the information, and so on.
  • Conclusion. Finally, when you wrote an intro and a body of your essay, you can write a final part. This chapter is the conclusion of your analysis. You need to summarize the entire essay in one paragraph to reflect the main ideas and results of your research. This part should answer all the essential questions of your essay in a nutshell. Therefore, you don’t need to retell the body of your essay, but give the readers a short conclusion in turn. It is an overview of all essays that aims to evaluate your goals and give a final assessment of a research subject.

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